Foot in the Door Technique?

Last Thursday, the Bolivian Foreign Minister announced that Bolivia will no longer seek access to the sea through multi-lateral means. You may remember President Carlos Mesa’s obsession with bringing up the subject at every international forum, conference, and at the United Nations. Per the request of Chilean President Ricardo Lagos, which Mesa previously discounted, these… Continue reading Foot in the Door Technique?


The pressure on Bolivia to sign a treaty with the United States granting immunity to American soldiers is not sitting well with Evo Morales: “Aprobar (ese tratado por el que presiona Washington) es como decir que nosotros somos como animalitos, que nos matan nomás”, alegó Morales luego de advertir: “Si es necesario hay que incendiar… Continue reading Firestarter

Bolivia to Support Mexican Candidate

The spokesperson for President Carlos Mesa announced that Bolivia will support Mexico’s Luis Ernesto Derbez to head up the OAS. Last week Chile officially solicited Bolivia’s support for its own candidate. However, Jose Galindo, Mesa’s spokesperson said, “for obvious historical reasons” that they cannot support the Chilean candidate. The Bolivia-Chile sea issue has taken a… Continue reading Bolivia to Support Mexican Candidate

Not So Fast

When MAS candidate Gonzalo Lema announced that he would “support” the first-place candidate in the Cochabamba mayor race (even if it meant finishing far below 50%), Evo Morales probably spit out his coffee in disgust. However, Evo is claiming that he understood support, as being accepting of the inevitable coalition of the first place finisher… Continue reading Not So Fast