Rescue Simulation in Cochabamba

The sounds of low flying planes, helicopters, and speeding ambulances filled the air of Cochabamba this morning.  The volunteers of SAR – FAB (Rescue Service of Bolivia) sponsored a rescue simulation in response to an earthquake that hypotheticallly shook the city this morning. Earlier that morning, drivers of a couple of public transport lines blockaded… Continue reading Rescue Simulation in Cochabamba

Possible Candidates For Bolivia Elections in 2009

Specuation only and it is really early…. Evo Morales Samuel Doria Medina Carlos Mesa Felipe Quispe René Joaquino Ruben Costas Manfred Reyes Villa Mario Cossio Eduardo Rodriguez Veltze Victor Hugo Cardenas I think the VP candidates would be more interesting. Many say Evo received the middle-class city vote because of his choice for VP, who… Continue reading Possible Candidates For Bolivia Elections in 2009