Brazilian Blog Reaction

The newest Global Voices Online contributor, José Murilo Junior will be responsible for the round-ups of the Brazilian blogs. His latest article deals with Brazilian blogger reaction of Evo Morales’ announcement of nationalization of the hydrocarbons. The blogger at Blog da Reeleição, and Lula supporter, wrote:

“Bolivia is the poorest country in South America. A succession of neo-liberal governments handed out its natural resources to foreigners who promised to help the country bringing in money which would improve the quality of life in Bolivia, but that never happened. Bolivia turned out to be a ‘casa da mãe Joana’ and Petrobrás, during the government of Fernando Henrique Cardoso, pissed with the bathroom door open and put its boots on the table. What Morales did was clean up his home. He is not sending Petrobrás away. He is just telling Petrobrás to close the door while pissing, and take the boots off the table.”

So Evo is telling Petrobras to mind its manners?

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