New Justice Minister

The Washington Post profiled the new Justice Minister, Casimira Rodriguez. As a former domestic servant or empleada, she holds a unique perspective on an entire group of Bolivians who have traditionally received little justice. She fought to gain some of the rights currently enjoyed by thousands of empleadas, such as the Sunday day off.

However, she doesn’t fit the bill of your typical Justice Minister, responsible for overhauling the inefficient and corrupt judicial system. Many are pointing to her lack of a law degree as one huge strike against her and her views on communal justice leaves some urban folks a bit uneasy. However, her naming continues the pattern of many in the Morales administration that aims to link social consciousness and technical advisors to bring about change in the country. Whether or not she can acheive the neccessary changes in this flawed justic system is one thing, but it definitely has been a change in the status quo.

“This is recognizing a sector that has been passed over, disdained,” Rodriguez said. “I think it was hard to name a traditional Indian woman, a domestic worker, and it’s offended some, but many people have celebrated. Flowers are still arriving at my office.”


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