MAS in Santa Cruz

This is the first in the series of campaign ads for MAS that I’ll post over the next couple of weeks. I was given verbal permission by the executive producer to post them online. This one was shown exclusively in Santa Cruz, where MAS pulled off a surprising 2nd place finish. Dailymotion blogged video

Water Wars

Water balloon sightings are the number one sign that Carnaval fast approaches. I’d be lying if I claim that tossing balloons filled with water at innocent bystanders (especially girls) goes back to some ancient Incan ritual meant to purify the soul with water. I tend to think that it ties in neatly with the machismo-fueled… Continue reading Water Wars

Sound Mobile

Traveling in caravan was common during the campaign. In order to grab the attention of the populace and draw them out of their homes, this mini-van equipped with booming speakers usually did the trick. The amount of raw power rigged from the generator was so loud that one could hear the words of the songs… Continue reading Sound Mobile