Invitation Extended to Lagos

President-elect Evo Morales would like to see the outgoing Chilean President, Ricardo Lagos, at his inauguration. Bolivia and Chile currently do not enjoy formal diplomatic relations. With the upcoming transition of power in Chile, Lagos said it may be difficult to attend.

Lagos noted that a Chilean President has never attended the change of power in Bolivia.

That is why accepting such an invitation would be so important between the two countries. Gestures like this further demonstrate that it is unwise to lump Morales into the one-size-fits-all category of the left. The rising Peruvian candidate Humala would not, I believe, invite a Chilean President to his hypothetical inauguration.

MAS party member, Gustavo Torrico, commented on the notable differences between Morales and Humala.

“We do not, for example, believe in the need to expropriate, confiscate things, Humala does ( …). There are things that we differ on, but for the most part, the defense of natural resources, the dignity of a country, obviously we agree with,” said Torrico.

The deputy also mentioned, that (MAS) does not share the “warlike vision” that the aspiring Peruvian candidate has towards Chile, a country which Bolivia and Peru faced in the War of the Pacific (1879-1883).


One thought on “Invitation Extended to Lagos

  1. The problem with accepting the invitation is that Morales’ inauguration falls on or about the date of Chile’s runoff. Lagos’ candidate is winning; offering to visit Bolivia could rock the boat.

    The best thing that could happen would be for Morales to extend the invitation to visit or meet to Bachelet once she’s in office.

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