Wedding Bells for Evo Morales

According to the Santa Cruz newspaper, El Deber, Bolivia’s President-Elect will wed MAS substitute councilwoman Adriana Gil on December 31. Gil is a well known commodity in Santa Cruz, as she represents an unlikely supporter of MAS and has been heavily criticized by many in that Department. However, she is on the verge of becoming Bolivia’s First Lady.

The ceremony presents another predicament. Will Morales will formal wear to his own wedding?

The MAS leader confirmed that he will not wear a suit nor a tie. “I am getting married with my jacket and my grey shirt.”

Adriana Gil is 22 years old and has been studying Law in UPSA. She began her political career three years ago, serving as substitute councilmember for Osvaldo Peredo.

More information after the jump.

December 28 is Dia de los Inocentes (Bolivia’s version of April Fools Day)

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