Global Voices Conference

Via Ethan Zuckerman’s blog, the Guardian Unlimited published an excellent article about the Global Voices Conference held in London last weekend.

This was no ordinary technology conference: it dispensed with the ego-boosting keynote speeches and elaborately choreographed question-and-answer sessions, relying instead on nothing more elaborate than a microphone shuttled from person to person as the debate flowed among the 80 or so bloggers and journalists present, as well as those joining in virtually via a webcast and a chatroom.

As a contributor to the Bolivian section of the wonderful project, I was honored to have been invited to attend as a representative from the Americas, but my trip to Bolivia did not allow for me to attend. Even with the five hour time difference, I managed to listen to the audio feed during the afternoon sessions and participated briefly on the IRC channel.

The entire day’s events were blogged live at the Global Voices Blog

One thought on “Global Voices Conference

  1. How did the audio feed sound? It seems like quite a few people had problems. Really hope to see you at next year’s conference and looking forward to today’s post.

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