Two Persons and a Bolivian

While cleaning my email inbox, I ran across this picture that my friend David sent me awhile back. As you can see, it’s quite odd. (English Translation: Fatal Accident in Flores, Two Persons and a Bolivian Die) Apparently, Cronica TV is a sensationalist television channel in Argentina, which makes a habit of flashing bizarre headlines.

Evo Morales in the New York Times

People outside of Bolivia know relatively little about Evo Morales. Some romanticize the movement as a faultless leftist utopia, while others demonize Morales by utilizing the same generalizations without truly seeing how the rhetoric has evolved. It’s fair to say that these inconsistencies (dare I say, “flip-flops”) cloud the reality of where the entire MAS… Continue reading Evo Morales in the New York Times

OAS to Monitor Elections

A group of election observers, headed up by Colombian Horacio Serpa, from the Organization of American States arrived in Bolivia. They have set up shop and will remain in the country through the December 18 elections. Currently they are meeting with the different candidates. President Eduardo Rodriguez has also requested the presence of the United… Continue reading OAS to Monitor Elections

From Evo's Photo Album

The MAS campaign recently released some childhood photos of its Presidential candidate, Evo Morales. These photographs were published to Yahoo! Photos by Reuters. The one that stands out (pictured below) really captures the essence of next month’s elections. For the first time ever, an indigenous Bolivian citizen is on the verge of capturing the Presidency… Continue reading From Evo's Photo Album