Buzzword Alert

Which Bolivian Presidential candidate recently accused some political actors of falling victim to “Gonismo” during the electoral crisis currently taking place in Bolivia? As I wrote earlier, “Gonismo” is a popular buzzword used in reference to the negative influence that former President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada still holds over Bolivian politics even when living comfortably… Continue reading Buzzword Alert

Elections on Shaky Ground

Bolivia’s Presidential Elections seem more and more unlikely to take place on December 4 as scheduled. The battle for Congressional seats has not been resolved through legislative channels. Interim President Eduardo Rodriguez vowed that elections will still take place on December 4. He is itching to return to the more tranquil post of Supreme Court… Continue reading Elections on Shaky Ground

If Elected…

Campaign promises are starting. Candidates are ratting off actions that they would take if elected President. The AP Wire has picked up the story that Evo Morales may possibly reject the U.S.’ policy on coca eradication, as well as push to have the coca leaf legalized worldwide. During a campaign stop in the city of… Continue reading If Elected…

Coca and the Elections

“Is Coca an Issue?” wonders Boz in a recent entry referencing a Miami Herald article, which states that coca eradication policies could re-emerge during this election season. Attention could certainly be given to the contrasting differences in Tuto Quiroga and Evo Morales’ positions and histories on the topic. Quiroga has already governed during a period… Continue reading Coca and the Elections