Boca Meltdown

I finally saw the replay of the Boca Juniors – Chivas game in Buenos Aires where the Boca players and fans lost their minds. The game featured the Boca coach spitting on the Chivas player Adolfo Bautista as he was being escorted off the pitch, as well as a couple of Boca “fans” who came onto the field to take swings and kicks at the Chivas forward. Finally, the game was halted when the referees could not guarantee safety from the projectiles sent from the stands. Chivas moves on to the finals of the Copa Libertadores on a 4-0 aggregate score. I considered myself a Boca sympathizer, having been to la Bombonera (Boca’s stadium) and admiring many of their players (Riquelme and Tevez), but I now see why many non-football fans in Bs. As. abhor any mention of Boca.

2 thoughts on “Boca Meltdown

  1. Me gustaron mucho las palabras del presidente de Chivas cuando dijo que si el entrenador de su equipo hubiera escupido a un jugador rival, lo despedía inmediatamente porque es intolerable que instituciones deportivas de prestigio tengan en sus filas a gente que da ejemplo de anti-deportividad a la gente y a sus jugadores.

  2. El D.T. de Boca renuncio un poco despues del partido. No creo que Bianchi hubiera escupido en la cara de algun rival. Boca no es lo mismo sin Bianchi.

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