Mesa Resigns

Live on CNN en Español.

Update 1: Reiterated that he finishes his time without going back on his promise of not using force. Says that some groups took advantage of his promise by continuing to pressure to the point we are at.

Update 2: Says that he does not want to be an obstacle towards finding a solution. States emphatically that he will not leave the country after Congress accepts resignation because he lives in Bolivia.

Update 3: Accepts responsibility and does not place blame on external factors. Says that he hopes that his resignation will pacify the country.

First news story: Globovision

Update 4: Evo Morales is being interviewed live on CNN en Español. The host has challenged Evo asking whether he is an obstacle to finding a solution and pacifying the country. He said it is not up to him and that if his bases want him to resign then he would resign.

She also questioned his change of positions (i.e. 50% royalties vs. nationalization). He changed the subject.

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