Evo Website

In a similar vein to the fake George W Bush campaign website in 2004, a new satirical Evo website was launched in order to make fun of the man who wants to be President. Upon first glance, it appears to be a site supporting Evo’s bid, but clearly it lampoons the party leader, even suggesting… Continue reading Evo Website

Boca Meltdown

I finally saw the replay of the Boca Juniors – Chivas game in Buenos Aires where the Boca players and fans lost their minds. The game featured the Boca coach spitting on the Chivas player Adolfo Bautista as he was being escorted off the pitch, as well as a couple of Boca “fans” who came… Continue reading Boca Meltdown

This Last Week

After such a whirlwind of a ride throughout the three weeks trying to keep up with minute-by-minute action in Bolivia, I decided to step back for this past week. However, things continued to gather steam as President Eduardo Rodriguez tries to take advantage of a relatively peaceful country. As all of the social movements agreed… Continue reading This Last Week