Chavez and Bolivia

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez spoke about the current events in Bolivia during his ¡Aló, Presidente! television program. Chavez made reference to his good friend Evo Morales and the autonomy movement in Santa Cruz. He also praised Carlos Mesa for his commitment to seeing the Constituent Assembly through.

Without specifying names, he alluded to the groups in Santa Cruz.

“La oligarquía boliviana, empujada por Washington, está tratando de dividir a Bolivia en pedazos, por eso algunas regiones, casualmente las petroleras, intentan evitar la convocatoria de la Asamblea”,

Hate him or find him amusing, his comments have truth in them. One must wonder who financed the cabildo and other groups like the Union Juvenil. There were some hints that Transredes paid for much of the organization of the popular assembly.


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