No Ruling on Aguas del Tunari Case Yet

Speculation arose last month that the international tribunal, (Icsid) from the World Bank was ready to hand down a ruling concerning Aguas del Tunari. Speculation also followed that the ruling wouldn’t be very favorable for Bolivia. As you may remember, the “Guerra del Agua” in Cochabamba forced the Banzer adminstration to scrap privatization plans for… Continue reading No Ruling on Aguas del Tunari Case Yet

Bolivia and Its Socialist Regime

…well, at least according to Dateline D.C. from this conservative Pittsburgh Live columnist. Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, El Salvador, Uruguay and Venezuela all have socialist regimes. and apparently Bolivian politics is overrun by Commies. In each of these countries, old-time communist parties are flourishing. During the era of Bill Clinton, nothing was done… Continue reading Bolivia and Its Socialist Regime

A Very Bolivian Thanksgiving

I’ll be having Thanksgiving dinner at my cousins’ house. After dinner, instead of watching football, we’ll be watching fútbol. Bolivar plays Liga Deportiva Universitario – Quito for the semifinals of the Copa Sudadmericana. Again, thanks to satellite TV, we’ll be watching the game live on Fox Sports en Español.

Resource Webpage

I ran across a great website:, which provides great information regarding municipalities, legislation and other public information. Over the weekend, I am going to spend some time investigating. An example of some information I found: Monthly (Official) Salaries for the Mayor (2003): Santa Cruz: Bs. 20875 ($2,609 USD) La Paz: Bs. 19500 ($2,437 USD)… Continue reading Resource Webpage