Plans for a department-wide strike, threats of a refusal to pay taxes, and even whispers of an orchestrated golpe, sounds like the shenanigans of the COB (Central Obrero Boliviana), right? Guess again, but now the same tactics used by the far-extreme left are being used by the far-extreme right. The Comite Civico of Santa Cruz… Continue reading Extremism


With only three days to go before I begrudgingly return to the United States, it would be better for me to save all the posts floating in my head till I return. I have had a lot of good experiences here and met some interesting people. I have uploaded a ton of pictures, but I… Continue reading Backlog

DC United Wins on the Road

My new adopted hometown team, DC United, finally won a game on the road. And when it counts the most: during the playoffs. The 2nd game of the home-and-home series will be the night I return back in the States on October 30th.